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Sarasota Spring Fishing Update

Spring is here, the weather is awesome and it’s been Cobia for Dayz! Those lucky enough to be out on the water with Captain Dakota have been busy.

As you can see by some of the pics taken over the past few days, we’ve been into some good fishing with lots and lots of cobia and then all the other usual suspects. Great to see so many kids enjoying the outdoors and beautiful water as well.

Remember that Reel Addiction has had a makeover and been completely refurbished. This is a super comfortable boat to spend some time on the water for the entire family. We are also one of the few inshore and nearshore boats that is wheelchair accessible so we offer fishng to everyone.

In addition, we have purchased an additional vessle for our super busy times or when we just can’t leave somebody on shore.

In the meantime be sure to visit our Facebook page for the daily activity and bite out on the water, we try and grab pics when possible but sometimes there is just too much going on. We can customize your time on the water so don’t be shy. 

And as a reminder, Gift Certificates are available all year-long! Consider giving the gift of a great experience to yourself and those you care about. We can customize the certificiate so it becomes a thoughtful gift for someone special. Contact Captain Jason at (941) 650-9788 to discuss your options.

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